Try out the Editor

That's our easy to use dungeon editor. Start right now. Click into the black canvas. For more details, click the Help Button, or see the detailed description below.

To Insert new Tiles

Click the mouse to a point, where you want to start a rectangle (pick a corner), then draw the mouse (while holding the mouse button down) to the point where you want the new rectangle to end (the opposite corner).

If you want to just insert one tile, simply click with the mouse to the point where you want that tile to be.

To Remove Tiles

To remove tiles, select a rectangle with the mouse key pressed. Make sure, the starting point and the end point of your selection contain a tile to be deleted. All tiles of the selected retangle will be removed from the dungeon.

To remove a single tile, just klick on that tile.

Add / Remove Doors

To be able to add and remove doors from your dungeon, you must first select the "Doors" entry from the selector button, to the upper left, that is initially labeled "Tiles". After you've selected "Doors", the button will be labeled "Doors". If you're done adding / removing doors you, can select "Tiles" again, to insert remove tiles again.

To add a door, click with your left mouse button on an edge of a tile, where the door should be placed. Doors can only be added to edges of a tile.

To remove a door, simple click on the door to be removed.

Redo / Undo

Changes you've made to your dungeons can be undone by clicking the "Undo" button, or by pressing the "z" key on your keyboard.

Undone changes can even be redone by using the "Redo" button, or by pressing the "y" key on your keyboard.

Changes can even be undone after you left the editor and logged out. When you return to the editor, you can undo and redo changes as if you have made them just a minute ago.

Please keep in mind, that we need an email address, if you like us to responde to you.