Dungeon Pilot

  • A simple to use dungeon editor.
  • Entirely browser based; no need to install additional software; no plugins required.
  • Exploration mode handling multiple computers and monitors.
  • Fog of War.
  • Free to use (with a few restrictions). We do not even ask for an email to sign in.
  • Under active development. Contribute your Ideas!

Example Usecase

What if you are a Dungeon Master and you want to play an adventure with your friends? You want them to explore your Dungeon step by step and you don't like to interrupt the gameplay by drawing a map.


This is what your friends (the party) are seeing initially, when entering the deadly dungeon of doom...

You can open this view in a new window and watch the changes while you reveal tiles and move tokens on the right side.


That's your view of the scenario as the game master. The foggy tiles are not explored yet by your friends. Click on a foggy tile to reveal it to the party. Drag and drop the figure to move the token.

Please keep in mind, that we need an email address, if you like us to responde to you.